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Venetian Blinds are often a great choice in a variety of applications simply because you still get clean lines and a stylish feel, but retain the ability to control the light coming into a room. They are very light to manoeuver and come in a range of slat sizes to offer you the look you want for your décor.

Metal venetian blinds are not just elegant but also functional, providing privacy but with the means to also filter light or almost completely block light from coming through the window. Operation of the blind is light and straight forward and is achieved using a combination of the ’tilt control wand’ and the lift and lower ‘pull cords’, giving you the ability to adjust the slats to provide the right light conditions. Venetians offer you a elegant and attractive window covering solution. Their uncomplicated design makes them tasteful but with an up-to-date contemporary uncluttered feel, combined with versatility and functionality.

Venitians are available for sale in an extensive colour choice from bright white to dark greys and blacks, to intense rich oranges and purples but also include natural tones and soothing pastels. There are a variety of finishes to make up your mind from. For example: smooth soft ’sheen’, stunning ‘pearlescent’, plain ‘matt’ and dramatic ‘gloss’ giving a number of distinct colour finish variations.

Why Choose Venetian Blinds?

‌ Protect privacy but make it possible for light to enter
‌ Incredibly light and simple to operate
‌ Modern, stylish finish
‌ Extensive range of colours and slat sizes

venetian blinds Stylish range and quality advice for a fantastic finish every time

venetian blinds Up-to-date colours and designs for exactly the look you want

venetian blinds All guaranteed for complete peace of mind

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